Why Travel Medical Insurance Plan is Necessary in 2022?

If you are planning to travel to an international location, then you would need to think about a lot of things. Travelling to a new country requires you to understand the weather, culture, places of interest, best time of the year to travel, and a range of other aspects that can ensure that you have a memorable experience. However, one of the most important aspects that usually gets missed by most international travellers is an International travel medical insurance policy.

Understanding Overseas Travel Insurance

While most people have a medical insurance policy at home, very few people know that these policies have geographical limits. In simple words, most domestic medical insurance policies do not offer coverage for medical expenses incurred outside India.

If you are planning to go to a foreign country for a few days/weeks, this would mean that you will not have any coverage. Therefore, if you fall ill or get injured due to an accident, then you will have to bear the costs of treatment. In a foreign country, this can sometimes be a large amount.

An international travel insurance policy offers coverage for expenses arising from medical treatments due to illness, diseases, or injuries caused by accidents in a foreign country. With a travel insurance policy, you can receive coverage for medical expenses, provided they are in sync with the inclusions and exclusions of the travel insurance policy.

Medical Coverage Offered By International Travel Insurance Policies

When you purchase an international travel insurance policy, the provider offers travel health insurance coverage for:

  • Treatment of illness: If you fall ill or catch an infection while travelling to a foreign country, then the insurance policy covers the costs associated with the treatment of the illness, including hospitalisation (if needed).
  • Accidental injuries: If you meet with an accident at an international location, then a travel insurance policy offers coverage for the costs associated with the treatment of the said injuries. If the policyholder succumbs to these injuries, then the policy offers reimbursement of the sum insured to the nominee.
  • Dental Emergency: While routine dental procedures are not covered under most travel policies, if there is a dental emergency, then the policy offers coverage for the treatment.


  • If you travel against the advice of your doctor, then the insurer will not offer coverage for medical emergencies.
  • Usually, pre-existing illnesses are not covered under these policies. However, some insurers offer reasonable compensation if a pre-existing condition results in a life-threatening condition.
  • If you need medical assistance for the consumption of alcohol or any banned substance, then the policy does not offer cover.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases are not covered under travel insurance policies.
  • If you suffer injuries because you were trying to hurt yourself, then the policy will not offer cover.
  • Expenses associated with alternative treatments are usually not covered under travel insurance plans.
  • Many insurers do not offer coverage for injuries sustained during an accident while you were participating in an adventure sport. However, some insurers offer add-on covers for the same.
  • Expenses for treatment of any mental illness are not covered under these policies.

Travel Medical Insurance in 2022

Usually, travel insurance policies offer financial protection from medical and non-medical emergencies. These medicare travel insurance policies can help you relax while you are on a vacation as it covers most emergencies faced by people while visiting a foreign land.

As people have started travelling again after nearly two years of being confined to their home countries, they need to ensure that these trips are planned carefully so that they can explore the country without having to worry about emergencies. If you are planning to travel with your family members, then make sure that you opt for a family travel insurance plan, as it will help you save some money on premiums and offer better coverage.

Summing Up

Travel insurance is one of the most important purchases you will make for your international trip. Medical expenses have been on the rise around the world. If you face a medical emergency in a foreign country and need hospitalisation, then the costs can escalate into a huge sum in no time. Hence, make sure that you purchase the best travel insurance online before you board the flight. Good Luck!

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