Traveling on Halloween

Halloween is almost here. It’s time to pick a haunted town to visit. But which one? Here’s a list of the most haunted places to visit this Halloween.

The Ghostly Streets of Tombstone

Tombstone, Arizona is a legendary town. In the late 1800s, it was the site of several tragic shootings. The streets are haunted by the participants. This includes Marshal Fred White and Virgil Earp. The O.K. Corral is known for a famous shootout that resulted in the deaths of Frank McLaury, Tom McLury, and Billy Clanton. Their ghosts haunt the O.K. Corral to this day. If you visit Tombstone, be aware of the signs of ghosts, which includes cold spots and apparitions of men. Take a few pictures and use photo books by Mixbook.

The Gold Mines of Bodie

Bodie, California was a mining town during the mid-1800s. There was a lot of gold here, especially at Sutter Mill. Mining accidents and weather-related deaths plagued this town. There are several haunted houses. In total, 168 buildings remain, along with a cemetery. You might see ghosts or become a victim of Bodie’s curse. The effects of the curse are so significant that it prompted several people to return items that they took from the town. The local ranger receives letters regularly from people that want to apologize for taking items from Bodie.

A Relocation Center in Park County

Wyoming isn’t that exciting, but there is something there worth investigating, especially on Halloween. The Heart Mountain Relocation Center was used during World War II to house Japanese people. Overtime, this center has become haunted. At nighttime, people have reported hearing footsteps in buildings. The following structures remain from the WWII era:

  • Hospital boiler house
  • Hospital buildings
  • Concrete vault from the high school
  • Root cellar
  • Excavated site originally intended as a swimming hole

A Remote Mining Camp in Kennecott

Kennecott, Alaska is the location of an abandoned camp that once contained the world’s largest deposit of copper. It was eventually declared a National Historic Landmark. The first x-ray machine in Alaska was housed in the Kennecott Hospital. The personal artifacts of miners working here were left behind for future visitors of the site. The experience is similar to time-traveling to the early 1900s. Take pictures and use photo books by Mixbook.

Rhyolite – A Desert Town

The temperature in Rhyolite, Nevada can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more. The heat is the only companion for the structures that remain in this temporary city that lasted 12 years. Many of the buildings remain today, and they are visited by tourist seeking ghosts. Check out the Ghostrider statue. It’s quite a fright.

These five places are the perfect setting for a spooky Halloween day. Take a tour of the buildings and experience the eerie atmosphere. Most of the areas are maintained well by local and federal departments.


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