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Traveling by road to your  favorite destination is the best way to explore the destination in UK as you have the liberty of using the time the way you want. This liberty is not enjoyed by the people who go for the budget tours where the tour operator promises to take you to several destinations in a given time. When you travel by car you have all the time of the world at your disposal and have the liberty to stop by the lofty mountain or near a lake or jungle to feel the beauty of the place and inhale the precious gift of nature; the pure oxygen mixed with aroma of the local herbs and flowers. You can go for road trip in the UK.

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Best road trip in UK

Glaston bury to cheddar gorge: This tour takes you through the history of medieval England. As the road trip begins from the town of Glastonbury where you will find the hippies enjoying the sunshine of the winters and will advise you to do the same. You can start your road trip from there travelling across the lust green mounds you may feel to stop here forever. You can wait for a while in the central town to have the knowledge of the King Arthur if you are interested in history of the town.  As the time moves on so you have to proceed to the farmlands covered with the mist giving the scenery a celestial feel. As you pass through the town of Wells, you start feeling the bumps and then suddenly come across the churches of the village, cottages from the medieval age presenting the beautiful scenery. The road starts taking twist and turns every now and then giving you the pleasure of mountain road. As you reach near the cheddar gorge you see the cliffs of limestone welcoming you and as you move on you start descending in the Gorge.

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