Tips to bring your Spouse to UK on a Spouse Visa

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Overview of Spouse Visa

The UK spouse visa is to bring your spouse and live with her in the UK for 2.5 years. Though the non-British partner cannot take the benefits like tax credits, and housing assistance, she can live in the UK with his partner carefree. To apply for the spouse visa, the applicant’s partner must be a British Citizen or settled in the UK.

Relationship Requirements

While applying for a Spouse Visa, both the partners’ age must be above 18 years or above. They have also met in person and have marriage records on the government authorized document. If the record is not in English, it must be translated.

Alternatively, if you are applying as an unmarried partner, then the applicant must provide the document that states that they are in a living relationship for more than 2 years. Such documents include a joint venture account, a tenancy agreement together, or a joint mortgage.

For all applicants, your relationship with the UK partner must be genuine. Applicants must provide proof which supports the gentility of their relationship, such as;

  • You need to show the evidence of communication between the partners like messages, social media chats, which can be downloaded in bulk and submitted in the application.
  • You need to submit the travel documents you have visited one another.
  • You need to submit a picture of your relationship. Make sure all the photos you submit describes your bond.
  • Marriage certificate.

English Language Requirements:

In order to migrate to a foreign country, during a spouse visa process, you need to give evidence that you are an excellent communicator. You need to appear for A2 English test booking. The applicant must, at a minimum, have A1 level English for speaking and listening, under the Common European Framework of Reference for Language.

If your spouse English is not good, and in order to qualify this exam, you can take the British online classes, which give you high learning education material that helps you in clear all types of English exams.

You don’t need to appear in the English test if you;

  • Are a citizen of an English county.
  • Are aged over 18 and 65 below.
  • Are suffering from physical and mental illnesses.
  • Hold a degree in the English related programs.

Once you are ready to take the A2 test she will be obligated to go to an approved center. When you pass the examination, you will get the English Language Certificate.

How long does the partner Visa process take?

Once you submit the application and pass the English test, it will take 2 to 12 weeks for a spouse visa case to proceed. The spouse visa process time depends on the documents.

Final Say

We hope this comprehensive guide on the spouse visa process helps you a lot. You can make A2 test booking online and conduct the test from your home as well. Once you pass the exam and get the scorecard half of the spouse visa process become easier for you.

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