The land of beaches, safari and night life

Phuket is the largest island of Thailand and is situated in the southern part of the country. The place is full of activities for the visitors, covering activities from different fields like adventures sports, sightseeing, night life and island tours and much more to discover in the biggest island of Thailand. All you have to do is to visit the website to get the best and most visitor-friendly information for you.

How to select the best sightseeing tours in Phuket?

When you are selecting the best tour in Phuket, you must consider including the best places of tourist interest in your tours. These places of interest are as follows:

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  • Phang Na bay: This is the most sought-after place in the must to do list of the visitors. These two cliffs of the limestone are all set to give you, your once in a life time experience. This bay is the place for fauna and the location for the movies of hollywood. You must include this bay in your tour list.
  • Phi Phi Island: This is the best place which you should visit and make a stay to have the best of the island. This island popularity rose to many times after it was the location in the Hollywood movie. The island is known for its giant hills which just seem to emerge from the sea when you approach them. This place seems to be always on holiday without any hurry burry of the cities quiet and calm. You must include this island in the places to visit in tours from Phuket.
  • Bangla road: This is the road where you will find no vehicles moving on its 400 meters stretch. This road is known for its night life full of sensational pleasures for singles and unsatisfied couples who want some change in the life.

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