The Best Cafes in Connaught Place to Hang Out With Friends

Out of all the happening places in our country, Delhi definitely bags the top three positions. From shopping to eating, the capital city has it all. Connaught Place in Delhi is one of the buzzing spots in the entire city. It has some of the best cafes in town and is very popular amongst youth.

Connaught Place, from morning till late evening, can be seen being flocked by college students and other youngsters. It has great cafes, pubs, lounges, coffee shops and restaurants that cater to the needs of everyone. Since everyone has something according to their taste, Connaught Place is so popular. If you are in Delhi and are planning to hang out with your friends at some really cool cafe where you can enjoy good food and ambience then you must go to Connaught Place with no second thoughts.

Here are some of the best cafes in Connaught Place, which are ideal for friends to hang out and have a nice time:

  1. Playboy CafePlayboy Cafe Cp is one of those cafes that give you a very luxurious experience. The vibrant colours of the cafe decor are surely going to make you feel that you are a part of the royalty. The cafe also serves a huge variety of food along with drinks. The dishes are extremely delicious and the collection of drinks is really out of the world. If a person is looking forward to throw a party or host an event, then this place is a great choice. It is also a great place if you are a fan of hookah as it serves some really exotic sheeshas. With Pan Asian, Continental and Italian cuisines available, this is one of the cafes that you must try.
  2. Warehouse Cafe- This is another paradise for all those who are ultimate food and music lovers. It is certainly one of the most happening cafes in Connaught Place and attracts a large number of customers each day. The interior has a rusty look and most of the furniture housed in the cafe is made of wood. The cafe also provides a seating arrangement outside and has very comfy attractive couches in yellow and blue colours. Overall, the cafe provides a very classy ambience.
  3. Junkyard Cafe- If you are looking for a cafe that serves multiple cuisines then Junkyard Cafe is the right place for you. The entire place offers an ambience that resembles a junkyard and this charm attracts a lot of youth to the cafe. The decor has nothing expensive and loud, but comprises of all recyclable items. The high stools, plush couches as well as round tables accentuate the overall appeal of the junkyard theme.
  4. Town House Cafe- Another great place to hang out with friends in Connaught Place is Town House Cafe. Whether you want a great experience in dining or lounging, this place is a great choice. The ambience of this cafe is quite dazzling and attracts the customers as soon as they enter the cafe. The decor of this cafe comprises of lamps mounted on the walls and leather upholstery.

So, the next time you plan on meeting your friends in Delhi, you know which the best places in Connaught Place to chill outare.

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