Take a Beautiful Compact Visit to Delhi

You have always heard about Delhi and its position in India right? But have you ever been to it solely for exploring its destinations? Come on, the aliveness of capital is clearly represented by its rich spots.  Diverse historical places of this city play a great role in expanding the charm of India.

Of course, you know that Delhi is capital of India and it is located at the side of Yamuna River.  If you tour this place, you can easily experience various historical spots in Delhi some of which were created by Mughals and some by the British. Even if you are an outsider like you live in Lucknow, you can easily get cheaper ixigo flights for a quick compact trip. The place will fill you with so much of rejuvenation and pleasure.  Have a glance at some of the popular place of capital below:

Jama Masjid

It is the largest mosque in the country and thousands of Muslims do prayers at this place. It encompasses a courtyard that is capable of housing twenty five thousand devotees. This extremely attractive mosque has three large gates, four barbicans and two forty m-high minarets formed of strips of white marble and splashing red sandstone.  The visitors can even take robes at northern gate. You can feel the essence of being locals by draping yourself in their clothing style. A single visit to this spiritual place can familiarize you with their holiness, peace and you will get to understand so much about this rich legacy as well.

Lodhi Garden

You might have gone through diverse gardens, but once you have strolled through the charm and tranquillity of Lodhi Garden, you are going to forget all your preceding experiences. This garden provides you with a soothing change from the teaming and busy city. The garden is conferred with bridges, waterways, fresh flower beds, primitive monuments and tombs.  This large green haven was created in fifteenth and sixteenth centuries by great Sayyid and Lodhi dynasties.

Mehrauli Archaeological Park

It is a park that is popularly recognized by the name of Jamali Kamali. It is quite unique in a sense that the park is dotted with ruins from early medieval eras to the splendid 19th century. The chief attractions of this spot are mosque, stepwell, and tomb of Jamali along with a British official’s residence.

Lotus Temple

Talking about lotus temple, it is situated in the southern borders of Delhi. It attracts people for its stunning architecture that is shaped like a lotus flower. It is a beautiful temple that belongs to Bahai faith. Lotus Temple is open to everybody irrespective of faith, caste and gender. It might interest you that the temple is formed of twenty seven marble petals. These are settled in concentric bunches. The splendid and welcoming lawns around this temple are icing on the cake.  You can find a huge rush in this campus of this temple and people sit there for some time quietly and think about their spiritual beliefs.

Thus, these were a few of the spots that would be really a treat for you. While you go through the more prominent ones in the city; don’t miss these out. Hurry up and book your cheap flights Lucknow to Delhi  for a convenient journey!

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