Studying in the United States

Many people choose to attend universities outside of the UK, with many people choosing to get student visas for America and to go to America to study each and every year. The USA is definitely one of the most popular study-abroad destinations in the world for UK students, with more than 9,000 UK students studying in the US and this number continuing to rise. With more than 3500 higher education institutions in America, if you have been thinking about studying in the USA, and are determined to do so, there is no stopping you.

There’s a range of universities in America for people to choose from, making finding an institution which caters for individual subjects as easy as pie. Many people wanting to study in America however strive to attend one of the Ivy League schools – a group of elite private universities including Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The university year in America is the same as the university year in the UK, which is probably good news to all. Studies start in September and go through to May/June. Anyone who is thinking about studying the America should start planning and preparing for this at least one year in advance.

How to Apply

It can take longer to apply to US universities than it does UK ones, this is because there are more stages involved within applications. We advise that you start your application a minimum of one year in advance this will allow you to focus on all stages of the application and provide you with the most chance of success.

In order to study in America all applicants must apply directly to the universities that they want to attend and sit a multiple choice admission exam. These exams can be taken at numerous locations across the UK and cost approximately £50 to take. In addition to this, applicants also need to provide application forms, personal statements, transcripts of academic records, two or three recommendation letters and admission exam scores.

Asking for Help

If you know that you want to study in America and want to ensure that you are able to do so, we would high recommend speaking with a relocation specialist such as immigration solicitor who will be able to guide and advise you throughout the entire process, ensuring that you make no mistakes and heighten you chances of succeeding.

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