Spokane, Washington – All the Must-See Landmarks

Spokane, Washington is home to the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture which explores the region’s history through exhibits on art, culture and Native American heritage. Being well-known as the birthplace of “Father’s Day” it’s official nickname has been set to “Lilac City”.

Aside from these important contributions from the city to Washington, it also serves as a home to a lot of breathtaking landmarks that you shouldn’t ignore should you decide to pay Spokane a visit. Even if you’re just visiting without access to a rental car, there’s plenty of tours that allow you to visit all the major landmarks from a passenger bus. So, plan your schedule and see as much of Spokane as you possibly can, starting with these amazing destinations.

Riverfront Park

First on our list is the Riverfront Park. This is a massive public park in the northwestern United States in downtown Spokane, Washington. The one-hundred-acre park is located along the Spokane River containing the upper Spokane Falls and just upstream from the lower falls.

The scenic and calming view of Spokane Falls is also a must-see. Spokane Falls is not just a waterfall! It is also a dam on the Spokane River located in the central business district in downtown Spokane, Washington. This is so well-known that the city of Spokane was also initially named “Spokane Falls”.

Spokane’s Botanical Gardens

Plant-enthusiast? Then you shouldn’t leave Spokane without visiting Manito Park and Botanical Gardens. This is a 90-acre public park with arboretum botanical gardens, and conservatory, located at 17th Ave and Grand Blvd in Spokane, Washington.

You should also add the John A. Finch Arboretum to your list. The John A. Finch Arboretum is a a public arboretum located at West 3404 Woodland Boulevard, Spokane, Washington, on Sunset Hill. The best thing about these two? You can visit them any day of the week, without a charge!

Riverside State Park

Can’t get enough of the green-scenery? Riverside State Park is just for you! This is the largest state park and a publicly owned recreation area located 9 miles northwest of Spokane in Nine Mile Falls, Washington. It covers some 14,000 acres along the Spokane and Little Spokane rivers. After enjoying the largest state park in the area, continue your adventure to the Deep Creek Canyon which is around a 5.5-mi. round trip hike in Riverside State Park featuring a forested canyon & scenic viewpoints.

Time for a Carousel Ride?

Bring out your inner child on the Riverfront Park Carousel! Also known as the Looff Carrousel and the Natatorium Park carousel, it contains 54 horses, 1 giraffe, 1 tiger, 1 goat and 2 chariots. They were all hand-carved by Charles I.D Looff, the creator himself. It also has a ring dispenser that allows the outside riders to grab a ring during each pass and then toss the ring at a caricature of a clown with a hole for his mouth. If the rider is successful in capturing the brass ring, he or she can turn it in to win a free ride on the carousel! You cannot resist taking a ride!

There’s plenty of sightseeing to do in Spokane, and adventure lies around every corner. What’s your favorite destination in the Lilac City?

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