Private Jet Rental vs. Flying First Class: What’s The Difference?

Depending on the airline, flying first class or going with a private jet rental could be the experience of a lifetime. However, the whole thing depends on the flier too.

That said, here are some factors that make the difference between a private jet rental and flying first class.


Chartering a private jet is well over the average price of flying, even when compared to boarding first class. For instance, a first-class flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas will typically be around $1,500, but on a private jet, it can go all the way up to $5,000 for the same flight.

That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but you can actually close the gap between the two costs. Using the example above, having three people on a first-class flight from Miami to Las Vegas will total to about $4,500, and that’s almost the same as flying private for $5,000.

Put simply, when flying with enough people, renting a private jet could cost the same as you would on a first-class flight, with the added benefits of having the whole plane to yourself and your companions.


When renting a private jet, you can forget all about long lines and tedious TSA security checks. You can just go and board your plane as soon as it’s ready for takeoff.

As another time-saving bonus, private jets typically fly a lot faster than commercial planes, and because they don’t conform to the usual hubs and spokes, they don’t need to lay over if they have enough fuel to fly to your destination in one go.


When it comes to privacy, it’s a one-sided battle in the favor of chartering a private jet. At that, this is arguably the most obvious advantage to flying private, particularly for fliers who need to do some business en route.

The thing is, even on a first-class flight, there’s still a good chance you’d be boarded with unruly passengers such as crying babies or kids who’d kick the back of your seat. When on a private jet, you don’t have to worry about those, not to mention you can be sure that your child won’t be seated next to a stranger.


Cabin crews usually do their best to give the experience of a lifetime to passengers, whether on a first-class flight or on a private jet. However, the service is usually less personal on the former since there are, after all, a lot of other passengers around that they need to attend to.

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In a private flight, the crew can treat the passengers like they’re real-valued customers since they can concentrate their attention only on them.

More than that, private flights almost always have excellent food and refreshments onboard, and they can guarantee a cabin with enough space to even roam around and leg room all the time.

To boil things down, these points can make the difference between the experience of a lifetime and a miserable one on either a private flight or first class. However, chartering a private jet is more or less a guarantee for comfortable flying.

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