Less Touristy Places Near London for the Peace Seekers

Do you know when the best time to get exploring is? It is when you already know that some of the best off – the – beaten – track treasures of London would not stay a secret for long!

Yes, we ask you to book Mumbai to London cheap flights today itself, get aboard and go exploring! Here, we present a list of the hidden away antiquities and arts, the historic corners of London, beautiful buildings and curiosities that do not have a home on the traditional and regular tourist itineraries for those visiting London. And do you still know what the best thing amongst all of this is? Most of these places do not charge you for a visit!

Little Venice

London’s comeback to the famous Italian city, Little Venice lives up to what its name suggests. It is the proud home to restaurants and pubs, waterside cafes, and much more. The region comes to life in the months of summer, as Londoners hop on to canal boats or walk to the nearby Camden or Reagent’s Park, along with the riverside.

Camden Passage

Camden Passage is a real treasure trove, safely and neatly tucked behind the Upper Street in Islington. It houses independent boutiques, cute cafes, vintage shops and is the place where you find everything from fun outfits for the next part to exquisite one-offs. Antique market selling war memorabilia, curios and furniture is a sure shot attraction.

Pie and Mash Shops

Does anything get more traditional than a plate of mash, pie and the classic green liquor in London? Oops, did we forget something? Maybe the side of the jellied eels, a cockney favourite! You can even allow some gastronomic taste to take over the classic at the East End pie and mash shops!

The Thames Path

Home to numerous treasure of London, (and most of them, not hidden either), the Thames Path with a length of miles has a number of quieter spots, waiting to be discovered. If you are wondering what the best way to explore it is, simply hire a bike and cycle the entire length of the path. The Prospect of Whitby (one of Charles Dicken’s favourite pubs), public beaches and the village of Rotherhithe are just a few names awaiting recognition!

Chin Chin Lab’s Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Camden also houses the Chin Chin Labs, where you get ice cream like no other place. Thanks to the freezing properties of liquid nitrogen, the original concoctions of this rather unusual ice cream parlour come to life. As you wait to be served, you can even enjoy the process amid chemical clouds in the ‘laboratory’ of this sweet shop. Red velvet and watermelon are just two of the delicious creations in quirky flavours, serves as these ice cream scientists!

Wilton’s Music Hall

What gets better than a traditional Victorian music hall located in the London’s Tower Hamlets? Wilton’s music hall has, in the recent years, been fully restored to its former glory. You can easily book tickets for a variety of performances that take place here, simply take a tour of this historically wonderful venue or drop by for a drink at the Mahogany Bar that is impressive to its core.

Kyoto Gardens in Holland Park

One hidden gen wrapped in another! That’s how we describe the Kyoto Japanese Garden located at the Holland Park. Having hidden corners in plenty, for the peace seekers, this beautiful park finds hoe, neatly tucked away in smart Kensington. Statues, winding paths, and orangery alongside the tranquil Kyoto gardens, an opera house and peacocks increase its glory in a fuller form.

Sir John Soane’s Museum

Former residence to the great architect of the Bank of England, Sir John Soane, this museum is one of the finest public museums in London. Everything here is left as Soane wanted. More than twenty thousand architectural drawings and antiquities including the Sarcophagus of Seti from Egypt, find a home alongside works of Piranesi, Canaletto and Turner.

Secret Bars

Delicious cocktails and secret bars in hidden venues await your presence. Some of the best options include The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town in Spitalfields, Evans and Peel Detective Agency in Earl’s Court, The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill, and The Luggage Room in Mayfair. (Just make sure they don’t know that we gave you the names!). Go hop into one of these bars once you hail to London. Why not book Mumbai to London cheap flights today!?

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