How to Make A Photo Book

Photo books are one of the latest trends in photography – everyone loves the convenience, simplicity and effectiveness that they present. So, it’s only reasonable that you are keen on making your photo book.

Creating a photo book is an incredible way to document your meaningful stories – whether it’s your every day or big day. But sometimes, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the mechanics of developing it – especially if you are doing it from scratch. Luckily, there’s an easy way to do this. You can use an easy-to-customize photo book maker that allows you to document your images in whichever format you prefer. If you are looking for conceptual photo building inspiration, then you’ll love this article.

Here is how to make your own photo book:

Choose your images

First, you want to analyze your photos, and pick the ones that catch your eye. This will allow you to sort out the best pictures by subject or timeline. You can select as few as five pictures for a beautiful layflat album or up to 100+ in a timeless softcover or hardcover book – the choice is yours.

Pro Tip: Lower the brightness level of your screen to about half to get a better idea of what your printed photo will look like. Also, ensure that the images are in a color profile that allows print colors to be the same as what you see on the screen.

Upload photos to the gallery

Once you have the pictures ready, the next step is to upload them to your account page. Top platforms allow you to create a new gallery (or galleries) so you can upload as many pictures, and you want. Keep in mind that the photos may not exceed certain size – so if yours are too big (like more than 18 MB give or take), you’ll need to resize them before adding them to the gallery.

Pick your project

You’ll need to decide whether you want a small softcover photo book or a lay-flat album now. Try finding inspiration from other photo books to help jump-start your creativity.

Play around with the editor

The Editor will allow you to add images to your project from the gallery – all you’ll need to do is drag and drop the photos to the layouts. You’ll also be able to select the design of your cover and change the layout templates. Other things you can do on the Editor include adding text, changing size, font and alignment of text and moving text. You also can preview your finished pages here.

Finishing touches

Double or even triple check your images – if any photo is too small or too large, you may want to replace it, because it may not print as clearly as you expect it to. An excellent idea for a bigger image would be to try to move it to a smaller layout to condense its pixels, so it prints more clearly. You can also do away with the image by deselecting it. Once you are done, you can place your order.

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