Get a completely new vacation experience with a yacht charter

There is one way to experience visiting faraway locations by sailing to them without having to book with a cruise line, and that way is to hire your own chartered yacht. Those who really love the ocean and love sailing, but who don’t love crowds have called their getaways on chartered yachts the best vacations they’ve ever had. Maybe it’s time for you to discover the difference, as well. Once you’ve gone private charter, you’ll find you never want to do the other again – chartered yacht sailing is addictive.

There are some really good reasons for this difference. On a chartered yacht, you are in close contact with everything. The crew is small and personable – they are dedicated to making your experience unique and memorable. These sailing experts are knowledgeable about the local surroundings and can guide you on activities and sites to see in a personal way that guided tours cannot match. You are closer to the ocean itself instead of a hundred feet up on the cruise ship deck – if you want to dive off and take a swim, it’s right there. We don’t recommend you do that from a cruise ship. If you are traveling with a group, you get to spend quality time together rather than navigating around a huge floating hotel. If you are hungry, the galley of your chartered yacht is mere yards away, so it’s easy to grab a snack.

Destinations are more personable with chartered yachts as well. You aren’t locked into an itinerary you didn’t create, but rather you set the itinerary and activities based on your vacation goals. If you want to see the islands of the Caribbean, you really can see them – all the way around, if you prefer – instead of only seeing one beach or port town. Your chartered yacht can drop anchor in small inlets and bays that are inaccessible with a cruise ship. Going in to walk and sunbathe on a completely empty and secluded beach is one of the most peaceful things on earth.

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If you go on a cruise, there is a ton of food available – it’s one of the things that people talk about all the time. On your chartered yacht, there might not be a large buffet available all the time, but the meals will be memorable because they are prepared exclusively for you. They will concentrate on the ingredients you like and can take your specific dietary needs into consideration if necessary while still producing gourmet meals that you’ll never forget. And those island cocktails everyone loves to sip – you can have your own cocktail creations too – exactly the way you like.

Nothing beats a one of a kind private chartered yacht vacation for complete relaxation, excitement, beautiful vistas and fun. If you hadn’t thought about this option to sail the ocean and see new places, now is the time to give it a try. Check out your options at to learn more. can show you what all of the major yacht charter companies have to offer online Visit today to learn more.

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