Ensure the Best Options for the Wedding Limo

Even reaching the “yes” is the arrival of a journey: the preparation more or less long that culminates with the wedding ceremony contains the analysis of various details, including the means by which to travel. Let’s find out which are the most coveted Oshawa Wedding Limo.

The Perfect Wedding Car

Simple or elegant, luxurious or easy-going, the wedding ceremony is an important aspect of life to choose to take this step: among the most important choices of any type of party there is also the choice of the car that will accompany you on your first trip married.

Are There Any Cars Particularly Loved By Newlyweds?

You can also choose to use the family car, you will have no problems and you will still be happy, but we want to take care of introducing you to some vehicles that are particularly suitable and appreciated by future spouses.

  • What are the most loved cars by the newlyweds?
  • How to make the right choice?
  • How to choose the wedding car

Start thinking about the type of car you would like to use on the most important day, based on its type:

  • Historic car
  • Sports car
  • Elegant limousine
  • Cabriolet
  • Carriage

Remember that the car chosen must be in tune with the entire ceremony.

The 3 Rules of Etiquette

The cost of renting the wedding car is up to the bride’s family. No two-seater cars! Etiquette favors classic cars; those with two seats, on the other hand, are only allowed at the end of the reception. The bride will never have to open the door by herself. It’s her day and she should be treated like a real princess!

The estimate

It is very important to ask when making an estimate:

  • If the price includes the driver’s money and gasoline
  • If flower arrangements for the car are included
  • If there is a difference in price based on the km to go

The Most Popular Car Models for Weddings

Let’s start with the historic cars: among the most popular are the Citroen Dyane, the Beetle, the Lancia Aprilia, the Jaguar X J and the small Fiat 500.

If you want a custom-made wedding car, among the luxury sports cars there is plenty of choice: among the most popular models there are certainly the Ferrari F430 and the Lamborghini Gallardo, both supercars with a great scenic impact perfect for taking memorable photos.

Those who love a more classic style can opt for the Rolls Royce Phantom, the most coveted wedding car in the world with the Rolls Royce Ghost, but also for the timeless, refined and glamorous Mercedes S-Class.

If you want to accommodate more people with you and take a “triumphal” trip, choose a beautiful limousine driven by a driver, perfect for getting into the wedding mood and relaxing a bit despite the inconvenience of the clothes. Among the most popular is the Chrysler 300c Limousine.

Among the cars with more charm there are the Cabriolets, to be used strictly (weather permitting) with the roof open, especially loved in weddings that are celebrated in the spring and summer months, perhaps by the sea or the lake. In this case, it ranges from the most elegant Mercedes to the sportiest Porsche and there is really spoiled for choice.


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