Easy Options for the best Car Rental Deals Now

Need car rental for your next vacation or business trip? Then we give you here 10 great tips on how to get the best experience with car rental and not least find the cheapest rental car.

Book car rental online

It is easier than ever to book a rental car, and the Internet also makes it easy to compare the prices of car rental from different companies in advance to find the cheapest car rental.

Examine the possibility of a discount

If you need a Car Rental Cancun by City Car Rental for several days, you may want to check if you can possibly get a discount by renting the car a whole week rather than on a daily basis.

Book well in advance

To get the best price on car rental and to be sure to have the widest possible range of cars, it is important to book your car rental well in advance.

Check the insurance

It is not wise to save the insurance completely away, but check in advance if you already have insurance that covers car rental. If this is not the case, the landlord can often offer you to take out insurance in connection with the rent, where you should at least make sure that it covers liability, theft and cascade.

Mileage and fuel

Check if you get free mileage in the rental price or if only a certain number of kilometers are included. Also, remember to check if the mileage is read before leaving the landlord, and again when leaving the car. The best thing is to make sure it is listed on the contract itself.

Since rental cars are rented at full tank, they often have to be delivered at full tank. As a rule, however, you have the option of having the car rental company fill it up for you, but it is often cheaper to fill it up before handing it over. With the Transportation from Cancun to Tulum you can find the best deals now.

Avoid Airport Fee

If you choose to pick up your rental car at an airport, the car rental is often charged an ‘airport fee’, which will cover the extra costs the car rental company has for renting facilities at the airport. Of course, it is usually by far the easiest to pick up their rental car at the airport, but if you want to avoid the fee you may want to consider picking up in the nearest town instead.

Bring your own enhancement

At most companies, you will have to pay extra to use extra equipment in your rental car, such as a child seat or GPS. If you have the opportunity, you can therefore save money on car rental by bringing your own accessories.

Get a membership discount

Many car rental companies offer memberships, and if you often use car rental, these clubs allow you to save discount points in the style of the airlines’ bonus points.

Check the rental car for damage

Check the rental car with the landlord for damages before leaving the rental company. Document any damage with photos, and make sure the landlord takes note of any damage to the lease. Remember that an oral agreement is not enough.

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