Crowdfunding for weddings in rural communities

Have you ever heard of mass weddings? Mass weddings are a fairly common concept in India, especially in villages and rural communities where the economic strength of families is not one that allows them to have a wedding in the way that people in metro cities usually know and see. For that reason, rural communities sometimes have mass weddings where many couples can be married in one large ceremony instead of each family organizing a seperate wedding. This way families are able to save a lot of money and other resources that would otherwise be needed for other pressing requirements such as food, education of the children in the family, and living expenses. Seeing as how financial constraints are the biggest problem for such rural communities, we at Impact Guru’s crowdfunding India platform want to explore the role of online fundraising for marriages of couples from rural communities.

If you live in India and have an online presence, then you may already know that weddings are not a common cause that people crowdfund for, nor donate to. This is because when compared to other social problems that can be solved through crowdfunding, wedding don’t top the list. There are medical crowdfunding campaigns, education crowdfunding campaigns, and nonprofit campaigns that are far more common in the crowdfunding India world. However, considering crowdfunding for certain rural communities in India might indirectly alleviate some long standing social issues that our country has fought for years on end. We are referring to problems such as dowry, child marriage, and forced marriages.

Marriage is a sacred relationship and an important part of Indian cultures – but they have also been the cause of the social problems we just discussed. Historically, it has always been the tradition that the woman’s family will pay the groom’s family, as well as cover expenses of a wedding, what we know as ‘dowry’. Such financial, social, and communal strain has lead to many social evils, and problems for women’s families. Additionally, even today in many parts of India, child marriage does take place. So you may wonder how crowdfunding features in all of this. Well, crowdfunding platforms in India such as Impact Guru, are very stringent about conducting due diligence and background checks before allowing any campaign to go live. When a person starts a campaign for a wedding, the due diligence process would help us ensure that such practices are not taking place. Only when the campaigner clears the due diligence process, will be they be allowed to raise funds for their wedding.

Crowdfunding can give people from weak financial backgrounds a chance to celebrate and have a memorable wedding for themselves, which they otherwise never would be able to do. Expenses such as wedding outfits, food, decorations, ceremonies, and wedding registrar fees, can be cover through crowdfunding campaigns.

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