Beat Your Midlife Depression with this Affordable Trip to Peru

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Are you suffering from midlife crisis due to depression, anxiety, stress or aging problems? Do you like to travel as well? Then you can combine your love for travel and an antidote to your problems by taking a pocket friendly trip to Peru and getting away from your mundane life temporarily.  The Peruvian tribes boast of the plant liana ayahuasca made from banisteriopsis caapi and chacruna. A cactus called San Pedro is also added to many of the numerous ingredients to make this compellingly healing brew. It has been used by the tribes for centuries as a healing potion to be taken in special rituals conducted by the experienced and learned shamans.

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It is always important to do your research well before choosing a retreat which has good medical staff, experienced translators to communicate with the shamans and most importantly, ethical and knowledgeable healers. There are many people who have reported positive effects after ayahuasca intake such as considerable mental improvements including depression, anxiety and stress relief. It is reportedly also an able antidote for severe bodily problems such as rheumatism, cancer and even helps in growth of neural cells.  Several studies have also shown that ayahuasca is very effective in curing or helping with substance addictions and suicidal tendencies in patients. However there are many precautions to be taken. As for instance if the patient is taking any antidepressants or other medicines, ayahuasca may interfere with the working of those drugs. A number of people who have taken this psychoactive brew have recorded their experiences.  One of them is Charlotte Haigh who had recounted her ayahuasca experience and you can learn a lot from reading her articles.

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The Amazon River has been the dramatic setting for many exotic plants, animals and also provides all the necessary ingredients for preparation of this magical brew. However none has created such a global awakening as Mother Ayahusca. It is so called because of the emotional and physical well being in entails. Although ayahuasca treatment has become widespread and is offered in many continents, Peruvian Republic still remains very popular for this plant therapy. This is because Peruvian tribes have produced generations of learned shamans who have worked throughout their lives in learning about the secret ingredients of the Ayahusca plant and the rituals. You can also enjoy the scenic beauty and exotic locations of Peru. The rules in this article  given  for undertaking the ayahusca ceremony should be strictly followed and adhered to for making your experience fruitful and enjoyable.

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