Astound Your Friends With Your Globetrotting With This Huge Scratch Map

Are you someone who likes to do things on a grand scale? If you are going on a vacation, it can never be just a weekend break. It has to be a month long extravaganza with the best hotels and the most comfortable and probably the most expensive mode of transport. After all, why travel at all if you cannot do it in style. If this is someone who sounds like you, you are probably in the market for a scratch travel map that will blow the minds of your less travelled friends and display your travel history down to a T, extremely specific and accurate.

Scratch Map Deluxe XL For A Larger Than Life Luxury Scratch Map:Half the fun of traveling is showing it off to your friends and regaling them with the tales of your adventures. For globetrotters who like to talk about their travels excessively and are always looking for an excuse to tell the guests about the time they stayed in an almost empty Italian village and got spooked out, the normal scratch maps don’t cut it. They are too small with the details all jumbled up, that’s why Luckies of London are here with the XL scratch maps. Scratch Map Deluxe XL is the large map of the world that stands at a whopping 84 x 119 cm and includes the greatness of the Deluxe mapon a much grander scale.

  • Deluxe Theme to Steal The Limelight: Printed on a matte deluxe surface, Scratch Map Deluxe XL has a black matte underlay with a golden coloured foil overlay. Once you have travelled to a new place, scratch the gold foil with an eraser and find delightful vibrant colour filling the countries.
  • Mount It On A A0 Frame: For those of you worrying how on heck are you going to hang this gigantic piece of cartography wonder, no need to stress. This scratch map can be easily mounted and framed in a A0 size poster frame and add a touch of style and extravagance to any room.
  • Discover Interesting Facts About The World: This scratch map is more than just a large map of the world, it includes some interesting facts about the planet for those avid travellers who love to add a bit of trivia into their stories. On the bottom of the map are some extra scratchable panels which include things like:
  • Highest peaks from around the world.
  • Largest water bodies.
  • All The State Boundaries Included: This is a map of the world and for a more accurate and personalized scratch map, state and provincial boundaries for USA, Australia and Canada are clearly marked.
  • Product Of The Original Scratch Map Inventors: Scratch Map Deluxe XL is a scratch map by none other than the inventors of the scratch map concepts, Luckies of London. With their products, there is no need to worry yourself about the quality or damage to any product. Their products are all manufactured in UK with the premium quality materials only.

Summary: Scratch Map Deluxe XL is the ultimate scratch map for those who love to flaunt their love for traveling.

Author Bio: Ace Dalton is plays soccer on a club level and enjoys going to matches to different countries.

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