Advantages of Transfer in Comparison with Taxi Services

The working regime of many business people is associated with frequent business trips. Often happens that for only one day, representatives of the company have to visit several cities, separated by hundreds and even thousands of kilometers. The time for employees sent on a mission is a strategic resource. The success of the common cause largely depends on how quickly the specialists of the company arrived at this or that destination of the company will be able to cope with the duties assigned to them.

Method of Transportation

In general, passengers arriving in a foreign city on business need to travel by taxi . Can we call this method of transportation optimal, devoid of shortcomings? Of course not!

First, no one will give a firm guarantee that at the right time hurrying to a meeting; a business person can sit down in the car with checkers.

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Secondly, the service of the taxi service itself leaves much to be desired. Not all passengers are satisfied with the quality of service.

Thirdly, the cost criteria for transport services, in terms of the price-quality ratio provided by drivers of a taxi park, are difficult to name accessible. A peculiar trend in recent years is the recourse for help in the company providing transfer services.

Meaning of Transfer

The meaning of the term transfer, (in the case of transport) means trips (individual or group), under which the driver of the company (in accordance with the existing arrangement) meets at the airport or railway station. Arrivals are delivered to the meeting place with business partners or to the hotel. That is, the distinctive feature of the transfer trip is the movement on a certain (agreed in advance) route.

Main Advantages of Transfer

What are the main advantages of a transfer in comparison with the use of Catania airport taxi services? In the first case, the delivery of the passenger to the final point of the route is carried out in accordance with fixed cost criteria, which are agreed in advance.

A company specialist who arrived in a foreign city for corporate needs knows in advance what it will cost him (the cost of the transfer is calculated in advance, based on the volume of services provided). Travelers get a unique opportunity to optimize the upcoming spending.

The customer of the transfer service can express his wishes to the driver of the car, his clothes and even the knowledge of a foreign language.

To specify it is necessary and that the transfer in Catania means the order of the car of the necessary mark – an opportunity of a choice of the car, is especially actual in case of a meeting on the highest category, delegation of business partners.

The brand offers a wide choice of vehicles. In this way you can make your airport transfer in economy class if you want to enjoy the lowest price, premium if you want maximum comfort, or in a minibus that can accommodate up to 19 people for group travel. Transfer services offer a simple and effective service.

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