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The reasons are still uncertain. Somebody Some put that down to the fact that Abruzzo Region did not invest much on Tourism; others talk about the mass emigration after WWII that completed destroyed the territory, leaving no alternative to the locals, already living in one of the poorest regions of Italy

What is certain is that “Abruzzo is still little known, despite the great beauty it has to offer,” says a spokesperson from the local tourist board.

It has one of the biggest and most beautiful national park surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Apennine mountains. Many, with reason, call it “the greenest region in Europe.”
Not far from it, you can dive into the crystal clear sandy beaches of the Adriatic Sea.
The position of Abruzzo is as matter of fact a privileged one: it borders with Lazio, making it easy to reach it by landing in Rome. It’s also surrounded by sea and mountains: there is really nothing more than a Region can offer.
Remains of Romans’ presence are still visible all around, making Abruzzo a must stop for the lovers of Ancient History.

Yet even regulars to Tuscany, Puglia and the rest of the ‘bel paese’ have never set foot in it.

One of the beauties of this land is the Beffi Castle.
Originally its function was defensive and guaranteed control of the territory due to the visual triangle created with the other towers in the area.

The building is made of an impressive tower from which extends a fortified area that houses several residential structures and was once the home of the feudal lord, the members of the guard and the population. The pentagonal tower is about 18m high; internally it is divided into 4 levels the first of which housed a cistern. In the tower are still visible arrow slits that testify to the use of the tower as a defensive structure.

Nowadays the castle need some cosmetic works, yet the position remains breathtaking over the amazing panorama.

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