5 of the Most Dangerous Spiders

You would be surprised if you realized how many spiders surrounded you each day. There are spiders everywhere that you go, including inside of your home. While most spiders aren’t extremely dangerous, there are some spiders that can be very dangerous for your if you come into contact with their venom from a bite. It is always a good idea to be aware of dangerous spiders so you can avoid them at all time.

Dangerous Spiders

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Black Widow Spider

When you think of a dark, scary spider you are probably visualizing a black widow spider. Their sleek, black bodies contain venom that is very dangerous. Before an anti-venom was found, about 5% of bites from black widows resulted in deaths. The bite associated with a black widow spider will be very read and warm. There will be a pussy center where the spider broke the skin of your body. Thankfully, as homes have become more secure over the years, people do not see black widow spiders inside of their homes very often anymore.

Brown Widow Spiders

Very similar to a black widow spider, brown widows have venom that is not a friend of the body. An interesting fact about brown widow spiders is that they do not have good eyesight. However, when spiders are in their web they do not need to be able to see well. They are very familiar with their webs and can navigate well without seeing. Brown widow spiders are slider spiders with sharp looking legs. Their abdomen is brown and may appear spotted.

Brown Recluse Spider

This matte, brown spider is one that you do not want to see inside of your home. It’s lengthy legs and slender abdomen appear extra spooky. Brown recluse spiders love to lurk in dark areas. If you think you may have a brown recluse spider in your home you should always be sure to check your shoes before you put them on your feet. These spiders love to hang out anywhere where it is dark and silent. This spider’s venom can be deadly and will eat away at your tissue if it is not taken care of quickly.

Wolf Spiders

These hairy spiders resemble what most people notice in a tarantula. Their furry bodies and large size are sure to scare your if you see one wandering through your home or yard. They are brown in color and usually range somewhere between one to two inches in length. This spider usually only bites when it feels it is in danger. It’s venom is not likely to kill you, but it will cause a bad sore on your skin.

Chilean Recluse Spider

This spider is one that you should watch closely for. It’s light colored body will often have a tint of orange to it and will catch your eye. It’s body is long and lengthy, very similar to other recluse spiders. This spider’s bite will leave a sac of fluid on your skin that you do not want to experience. While most often the bites are not life threatening, every once in awhile a Chilean Recluse spider can be deadly.

If you see any of these spiders inside of your home, you should contact Pointe Pest Control as soon as possible to come and remove them for you. Protecting your family from deadly spiders should be of utmost importance for your.

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