What are The Best Places to Visit in Melbourne?

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria in Australia. It has been voted the world’s most livable city and all for good reasons. The apartment accommodation here is second to none with high class apartments like Platinum Apartments offering penthouse accommodation and luxury living.

The weather here is also good, the city is politically stable, great education facilities, good business atmosphere and there are many attractions and things to do here.

If you are looking to visit, there are so many things you can do in Melbourne. For instance you could just go site seeing around the town. There are many architectural marvels to admire here and also you could visit the parks for an outdoor experience. For site seeing around town there are many high rise buildings hosting apartments for accommodation like Platinum apartments, hotels and office spaces.

Renting your accommodation in Platinum Apartments while staying here will also give you a nice view of the city from up the skies. You could also go cruising, boating, swimming, hiking, touring or exploring. There is so much for you to do in Melbourne.

If you are looking to visit Melbourne, here are some of the places that you should visit.

Top 4 Must-Visit Places in Melbourne, Australia


  • Flinders Street Station


This was the first train station in Melbourne. It is an iconic historic building located at the corner of Flinders and Swanson Streets. It is also the central railway station for the train that serves the suburbs of Melbourne. There are legends that there is a ghost called George seen around the station holding fishing gear who haunts platform 10.

The train station has the longest platform and an iconic display of clocks dating back to the 1860s that was to display departure times.


  • Royal Botanic Gardens


When you want to enjoy calm and tranquil atmosphere in Melbourne then the Royal Botanic Gardens is where you should be. The place is quiet and peaceful with grass, flowers, trees, water features and wildlife for you to enjoy. It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city into a world of calmness.


  • The Crown


When you are looking to spend some time in town and maybe try your luck at the casino then this is the place to be. The Crown is located on the banks or Yarra River in the heart of the city. It is a complex entertainment center with hotels, casino, nightclubs, cafes, shops and restaurants.

You may also get apartment accommodation in the nearby Platinum Apartments where you can extend your party or have time to relax and forget the stresses of the day.


  • Luna Park in St. Kilda


The Luna Park was started in 1912 and has been operational continuously since then. It has the world’s oldest operating roller coaster called the Scenic Railway. This roller coaster requires the brake man to stand in the middle of the train. There are only two others like this in the world.

There are so many other things you could do at Melbourne. Organize yourself prior to your visit to ensure that you have everything you will need in order. Have your accommodation at platinum apartments, your finances and travel or identification documents in order for a smooth stay.

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