Welcome to Vintgar Gorge, welcome to fairy tale

Bled is unique and one of the most romantic places our planet, but this is not it; wait till you explore its surroundings. It is a place right out of a fairy tale. One of the most exceptional natural phenomena that you can visit in the vicinity of Bled is the Vintgar Gorge. It is the first touristically arranged gorge in Slovenia and it is located only 4 km away from Bled. So you will be there in no time.

The Vintgar Gorge trail is mostly made of wooden walkways, suspended on steep slopes above the Radovna River. The trail really is glorious as the vertical rock walls and turquoise river offer a spectacular show. A nice finish to the Vintgar Gorge is a high, spectacular waterfall Šum (Slovenian for murmur) at the end of the organised trail. You will sure to leave the Vintgar Gorge with mouth agape because of this fairy tale gorge.

Camera, a must thing to bring with you

Do not forget to bring your camera with you when you visit the Vintgar Gorge. It is a really popular place to cool down during scorching hot summer month, so if you want to take photos with no people on them, visit the Vintgar Gorge as early as possible. You will spend approximately one hour in the gorge, and the rest of your life to talk about this spectacular gorge with your friends.

Beauty that you do not want to miss

Almost vertical walls carved by the turquoise Radovna River, this is a short description of one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, gorges in Slovenia. One of the beauties of the Vintgar Gorge is also a pleasurable and refreshing walk during hot summer. If you visit it at the right time of the day, you will notice some mist, which makes this place even more mysterious and fairy tale looking.

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