Visiting Miami for the first time- get the facts right

With the glamour and pomp that goes with this world’s sought-after tourist destination; the partying mood in this great city and so many other activities. One must approach the travel with a pinch of salt- It’s a wonderful place yes, with a sense of newness that creates a sense of optimism every other day. However, one must be careful because it can be both exciting and mind-boggling. The objective of this write-up is to give you some tips that would ensure that you enjoy your best while feeling like a local here.

Breaking the language barrier

With a mix of almost every nationality, you can think of, the language here can be an issue especially to the first time visitor. The main languages spoken here are English and Spanish but there are numerous other language speakers- some of who speak your language. Do not feel intimidated speaking broken English to anyone here, in fact, the locals enjoy it and would love to assist. Most of the hotels and other service providers have people of other nationalities speaking different languages- just ask for someone who speaks your language.

What do you wear while in Miami?

Casual wear is the norm in the beach city. Carry with you Light shirts and shorts owing to the high temperatures here. But don’t forget a heavy jacket or shirt because the indoors can be substantially cold due to the air-conditioners. Swimsuit and beach towel are things you must carry with you and don’t forget several pairs of comfortable shoes. When visiting during a rainy season i.e. August to September, carry with you a medium sized umbrella and a pair of sunglasses.  Think of the designer clothes and sexy attire if you are a fan of the trendy nightclubs.

Taking Taxis

Most of the drivers here speak French, which could be your barrier. Immediately you arrive at the airport, look for a taxi service stand just at the lower end of the baggage claim section. The uniformed taxi guys will help you hail one. A better option here is to search online, get the contacts and Call Taxi in Miami Beach; it takes 10 to 15 minutes to respond. There is also the public transport option but this unlike other cities is underdeveloped and therefore could frustrate you.

The Miami Police

Of importance to note here is that the police in Miami are very friendly especially to visitors and ready to help. Be courteous as they are and at no point should you react, just be modest in your response, show them respect and in case you are arrested, get help from your consulate.

The above tips would get you acquainted with this wonderful place.  The list of the things you should observe is endless and therefore take time and learn before making any move. It’s a place to feel good, the old boy/girl should be allowed to manifest while here, grab the opportunity and make the best of it.

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