Three perfect retreats in Peru on your next holiday destination

Many of us have heard about the life changing prowess of the magical plant drink ayahuasca, which is native plant of the Amazon rainforests. The travel and tourism industries are also booming with the rise in the ayahuasca retreat and resort centers which promise to provide the participants with a wonderful and safe life changing experience under the guidance of experienced shamans.

How to choose a retreat?

Choosing one of the locations of Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Columbia and Bolivia is one of the first steps. It is advisable to choose one of these countries as the ayahuasca is a native South American plant.  You must do extensive research about the retreat and the shaman you will be putting yourself under. The reviews and resort details must be studied carefully for experiences can be different for each individual. There are always personal recommendations to be given for each resort and also you can take your fellow participants into confidence.

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Resorts and retreats for the treatment therapy

The names of three promising resorts for the ayahuasca therapy are given here.

  1. You can find one of the most happening and luxurious ayahuasca resorts here on

This lodge boasts of the most luxuriously modern facilities including thermal baths and sumptuous gourmet meals including tropical fruits and regional jams. The rooms have beautiful and warm environment with every modern living amenity like mini bars and internet services. Also the natural view is excellent and the services are impeccable.

  1. is a place where you can find a good and reliable ayahuasca center for changing your life for the better. It is the most luxurious Machu Picchu hotel where you can enjoy the quiet time in the scenic lap of nature and also avail the most modern amenities. It offers luxurious and rejuvenated age old Inca based massages and aromatherapy which leaves you feeling extremely refreshed.
  2. Rythmia is another very happening yage clinic in Costa Rica which has boasted of quite a few celebrity visits. The seasoned and professional health healers are always on hand to make your experience delightful. It is also very pleasant taking a refreshing dip in the luxurious swimming pool and enjoying the excellently sumptuous vegan meals.

Conclusive summary

Of course, there are numerous ayahuasca retreats and centers worldwide. But it is recommended that you do extensive research and take your time in choosing a treatment center. There are many considerations to be taken into account before your ayahuasca intake, which includes your own existing health. More information on this plant vine and treatments centers can be found on

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