The Top 7 Keys for a Perfect Seating Plan

It’s not really to your event or wedding planner (if you have one), to draw the dynamics of your seating plan. It’s really down to you and the knowledge that you have about your geusts.

As the Italian Wedding Planner in London (that’s how people call me), I can only give some suggestions and tell you how we would do it in Italy. Therefore below is a short guide of the main points to keep in mind when venturing into this – not so easy – task

The most important goal you need to keep in mind is to make sure conversation flows easily around the table and that all guests are happy throughout the whole event.

Here what to consider:

Shared Interests:  
try to sit together individuals that have similar interest or experiences;

Watch out for the Friends:
Do not seat friends with each other, and even as well near to each other. They will make it harder for other guests to mingle together with them;

Big Personalities: .
people with big personalities need to be seated far from each other.You might end up having a fight or making someone really unhappy during the dinner

Quieter individuals.
It’s not always a great idea to have them seated next to outgoing guests. It’s better to place them next people they know well and feel confident with or next to the host herself.


Make sure to be always aware if something unpleasant has happened between /among some of your guests. It’s definitely a good idea to place them distant from one another.

Politics & Faith.

Needless to say that both these feelings are quite powerful. You want to seat people with similar credo next to each other and definitely avoid heated discussions.

Alternating male and female:

it’s still part of the etiquette in official dinners that men and women are seating next to each other along all the table, even if they are not necessarily a couple.

Would you like to start planning your guests seatings? Here a free website that will help you do just that.

Happy Planning!

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