Nature, Luxury and Comforts to Enjoy in Bali

Bali in Indonesia is renowned for its beautiful scenery and culture that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world year after year.

It is undeniably beautiful, with lots of culture and sightseeing to indulge in for the tourists and locals. It is filled with numerous opportunities for adventure and to indulge in new experiences and cuisine.

The most significant aspect of tourism here is that there are numerous 5 star hotels in Bali. Through these hotels, tourists are able to enjoy the Bali experience as they enjoy unique and elegant 5 star elegance, luxury and comfort.

Experiences Afforded by 5 star Bali Hotels

When you visit any of the numerous 5 star hotels in Bali, you can get to enjoy the complete Bali tourist circuit experience.

Listed are some of the activities you can indulge in as a resident of a 5 star hotel in Bali.

Exquisite spa relaxation

Bali 5 star hotels such as Ayana Resort and Spa provide their residents with the ultimate relaxation. The spas in this resort offer numerous traditional and contemporary relaxation therapies that help soothe both your body and soul. In addition, they fuse their contemporary design with traditional styles by using local thatching and wood to line the floor and walls.

In addition, guests can swim in their infinity swimming pools as well as swim in the surrounding ocean.

Indulge in the culture

5 star hotels often have numerous restaurants and bars that their guests are free to dine in. Among the restaurants are those that offer local cuisine. In addition to the food, guests can also enroll into class to learn how to prepare a sumptuous local Thai meal.

In addition to the meals, these hotels facilitate for their guests to interact with the local people in their vicinity. Guests to these hotels are able to interact and learn firsthand hand about life in Bali through its inhabitants.

Go sightseeing

When residing in the 5 star resorts of Bali, it is important that their guests also get out of their rooms to enjoy the sights, people and scenery that Bali provides. Among the most common tourist attractions in Bali are the numerous temples around. Tanah Lot is one of the most iconic temple of Bali. This is because it is located on rock jutting above the ocean and is surrounded by the ocean.

In addition to the temples, there is the Bali Safari and Marine Park and Monkey forests and the exquisitely beautiful rice paddies.

Unique and romantic wedding settings

The Ayana Resort and Spa Bali, offers elegantly unique and romantic wedding settings.  You can get married in their hotel at a rock perched above the ocean at sunset. This offers a romantic setting and a beautiful view of the surrounding scenery and sparkling ocean.

You can fly all your friends into this location and have a memorable wedding. Thereafter, you can enjoy your honeymoon in their exquisitely furnished and private honeymoon suites.

Beach and underwater activities

Bali is an island in the Indian Ocean. As a result, their 5 star hotels have numerous activities that their guests can indulge in on the beaches and under the ocean water.

Guests can enjoy the sun and sand in private beaches as well as enjoy beach tours.

In addition, tourists can go on underwater adventures such as deep sea diving and snorkeling in the beautiful sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean around Bali.  You will experience lots of sea life in different parts of Bali, where the ocean is pristine and provides high visibility and a good environment to dive and snorkel.


In addition to relaxation, Bali is full of adventurous activities that one can engage in. One can go hiking to climb Mount Batur or other mountains in Bali. It is an active volcano mountain which provides unforgettable sunsets.

In addition, one can also enjoy white water rafting along the rivers and rapids around Bali passing beautiful forests and taking in the culture of the Bali people.

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