How to Explore the City on Your Own

In case you are not a big fan of walking tours where you can hardly hear the guide information and simply try to keep up with the group instead of enjoying the scenery around, Vesping will be your perfect choice.

Renting a scooter that can provide you with a GPS guided tour has never been easier. This way of getting around the city has numerous advantages. Find out more at

The major advantage is its ease. You can forget about getting the books about the city, maps, and other papers. Your scooter will tell you everything you need to know about things you see around as well as directions to the next landmark.

In addition, riding such a scooter makes it very convenient to get around the city and find parking. It allows you to walk around some landmarks and take a break (for as long as you need). You travel totally on your own schedule. There is no more need to wake up early in the morning to catch the group bus or wait until everyone is done taking pictures with the building, etc. You spend as much time at each location as you wish.

You can adjust the tour to the sights you want to see skipping the ones you are not interested or don’t have time for.

Aside from convenience, a Vespa tour offers you a chance to dive into the local culture and experience the city’s lifestyle. This hustle-free ride is sure to deliver the most amazing and unique experience so that your memories of the city and traveling were bright, fun, and very warm.

It’s also a great idea for a small company. You can arrange to rent a few scooters and go on a tour around the city together.

Before planning everything, you should find out the requirements and offers. The requirements are usually pretty common like having an ID (that show you are older than 21) and a driver’s license. The offers, however, vary a lot. Get the one that meets your needs and is the most convenient for your agenda. Pick the hours and route you’d like. Get to know the details like insurance, helmets, keys, etc. when you study the offers online you are more likely to find better prices and special coupons that can cut the cost up to 30-50%. Take advantage of being well-informed and get the most from your trip.

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