Flores Tourism Tips for First Timer


Traveling o Flores might be something totally interesting for some people. That is because you can say that the Flores tourism is something unique, unlike what you can find in many other tourism spots. There are some reasons why Flores is said so. One of them is because you can find the high volcano that is totally attractive, the Kelimutu Mountain. As an addition, you can also find a lot of nice islands with the best beach. For the finishing, its culture is very rich too so that you will be glad to know some of the traditional cultures of this place. If you are interested in going to Flores for the first time, then you will need to try these tips first.

  • Ø The first tip is learning Indonesian language. This one is something important since most of the locals can only speak Indonesian and the local language. Therefore, you will need to learn the Indonesian language. If you have learned the basics of Indonesian language, then you might want to learn some simple words of the local language in Flores. That is because learning the local language will surely give you the advantages while you are in Flores. The locals will appreciate you more if you can speak their language, even just a little bit.
  • Ø The second tip is preparing your money. For the money, you should prepare the Indonesian rupiahs. That is because the people in Flores will only receive the local currency, rupiah. Therefore, you will need to exchange all of your money into rupiah. At least, you will need the money needed when you are traveling to Flores in rupiah. It is okay to use a debit card or credit card if you have the card from the local banks.
  • Ø The next tip for getting the attractive Flores tourism is finding out the places and the spots that you want to visit while you are in Flores. This is something that many people missed. That is because they think Flores is not that big and they can simply visit all of those spots in few days. For your information, Flores consists of many islands that you can explore and many Indonesian people said that a week is the perfect duration to travel and learn many things in Flores. Therefore, if you are thinking about going to Flores and have a nice travel for few days there, you will need to know the spots that you want to visit since there are so many attractive spots that you can visit, especially for the beach.

Those are some tips that might be worth to try if you are going to Flores for the first time. With all of those tips above, you can make sure that your trip to Flores will be something nice that you cannot forget. You will learn that a remote area such as Flores also has the nice Flores tourism that is worth to experience. Be ready for your first travel to Flores.

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