Excellent travel advice and guide to visit Indonesia

Indonesia is the world’s largest island nation and it comprises about 17000 islands which includes New Guinea, half of the world second largest island and Borneo. Indonesia culture is as varied as its geography and it is the home to Muslim population. In a present world most of the people are willing to visit Indonesia because it has excellent city attractions.

If you are planning visit Indonesia along with your family members or friends then you must follow some travel tips so that you can easily explore city attractions at Indonesia.

Amazing travel tips for Indonesia

If you are visiting Indonesia for first time then you are advisable to get help from tourist agencies because they are offering amazing guidance to fulfill your trip. There are plenty of city attractions are available at Indonesia such as

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  • Food in Indonesia
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  • Local transport in Indonesia

Indonesia is the best culturally diverse country with three different religions and it could be the best place to food lovers so that you can eat seafood and yummy vegetarian foods. This city consists of huge numbers of highlights such as Flores, Bali, Yogyakarta and Sumba. Sumbawa is the best Indonesian island and it boasts world class surf, some of the fabulous beaches and islands. This city is having different kinds of transport facility such as car and train so that you can pick the best one according to your requirements. Ubud is perfect place to visit with your family members because it has full of yoga retreats, vegan cafes and lush green rice paddies. People can also visit popular water temples and you might enjoy ancient dance and explore popular monkey forest.

Interesting ways to visit Indonesia

Mount Bromo is the incredible spot in Java to catch sunrise and numerous numbers of unique places are there to visit in Indonesia such as Jellyfish Lake and Raja Ampat. Local food is extremely cheap and vast numbers of the restaurants are available in this city


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