Enjoy the Bonfire Night Display at Southwark Park, London

Are you looking forward to celebrating fifth of November? What are your options? You would be searching for the best place in the UK region to celebrate Bonfire Night displays. Among the several places that you would look forward to go, you should have adequate knowledge on those places and the kind of fireworks display witnessed in those regions. Stagecoach, the national bus operator would take you to various regions in UK celebrating fifth of November at an affordable bus fares. They would help you make the most of the best fireworks in the region without spending too much from your pocket.

Firework displays for Bonfire Night

The primary reason for celebrating Bonfire Night would be the failure of plot against the reigning monarch and the entire Parliament. The plotter Guy Fawkes failed to bombard the Parliament along with King James I by planting 36 barrels of gunpowder in the cellars under the Parliament house. In the earlier times, people would create effigies of Guy Fawkes and burn them in bonfire. However, in the present times, people would celebrate the night with fireworks, fast food and live music. However, you would be required to search for the best Bonfire Night display near you.

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Bonfire Night displays near you

Among the several areas that you would come across in UK, the most happening would be Southwark Park in London. Despite the freezing temperature in the open, people would come to witness the amazing and spectacular display of fireworks in Central London. It would be a treat to watch the children’s funfair along with the fireworks. However, you would be required to book the tickets beforehand to avoid the huge rush that follows on fifth of November. You would be able to witness the sparkling lights from the Tower Bridge. The spectacular light show would reflect mesmerizingly on the river Thames.

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