Cape Town Top-Rated Tourist Attractions

Cape Town is certainly one of South Africa’s most well known cities. The city is the legislative headquarters of the country, and is a center for culture, art and history. The city is also a popular destination for travelers from all over the world. What are the main Cape Town attractions that attract travelers to the city? Let us have a look. Cape Town has a whole lot of attractions that make for a surprisingly rewarding destination. There is a lot to this city that it seems at first sight. If you have limited time try to book a combined trip like Cape Town and Western Cape tour.

Cape Town has a plethora of beaches with pristine sands and crystal clear waters. There are a huge number of beaches here that one simply gets spoilt for choice. There are a good number of varied beaches at the area known as the False Bay. The Atlantic Seaboard is another popular destination with beach lovers. There are also three other beaches at the West Coast.

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The sea is not the only thing that attracts the crowds in Cape Town.  Cape Town attractions related to nature simply abound here, such as the Table Mountain for instance. The Table Mountain is so called because of its unusually flat top. The mountain has a good number of activities on offer as well.

The mountain is visited by a good number of people who come to Cape Town. There is a cable car system here that takes visitors to the top of the mountain. You can also hike up to the top of the mountain, if you like physical pursuits. You can take in some scenery while you are at it, although the heat does get rather harsh sometimes. The view from the top is spectacular to say the least, you can see the whole of Cape Town from here.

If you are less inclined towards exertion, you can spend a more relaxed day at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. The waterfront is located at the docks close to the area. The water front is also just a stone’s throw away from the Table Mountain, and you can enjoy some breathtaking views from here.

Cape Town attractions are popular with both tourists and locals alike. There are a good number of locations that are famous for shopping. There are curios available that you can purchase as souvenirs. There are also places where you can relax, enjoy the night life and others.

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