Aurora Borealis trip, a must-visit Travel Bucket List Addition

Aurora refers to a natural phenomenon that presents a natural color display of red, green, white or yellow. It is characterized in the sky as light. It is a light show causing when the sun collides with the electrically-charged particles and with gases such as nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere in the Earth.  Aurora Borealis trip refers to the dawn of the north.

This trip is a stunning celestial display appearing only on dark nights near the North Pole regions. All of a sudden you can see this stunning display in the pitch black sky as though it is breaking into the incredulous bright lights show, dancing, and swirling across the backdrop that is star-speckled.  This is one of the best experiences that enhance any travelers bucket list. It allows seeing enchanting Arctic wildlife, pristine snowy landscapes, and intrepid winter diversions.

A few destinations that ensure an exotic trip


The Aurora Borealis trip in Canada covers the country to majority. The most popular spot is the flat landscape of Yellowknife. The clear nights gives no obstruction views of the display of Aurora Borealis. In Yukon, in Whitehorse, pampering and soaking in the Takhini Hotsprings is a beautiful experience and you can see the lights. The city of northern lights is the Melfort city, and it lives to its nickname, though it is a small city.

You can also head to the scenic Muncho Lake along the Alaskan Highway and watch the lights reflecting off the waters. If you are lucky you can try ice-fishing. Also, go on a Tundra buggy seeking the lights or take a snowshoe trek. In the Churchill town, on the Hudson Bay western shore, the lights dancing over polar bears is a visual pleasing any viewer. For real adventure, go across the Great Slave Lake o a snowmobile late-night journey and chase the lights.


The Swedish Lapland gateway is Kiruna. It is an ideal base to chase the lights and to experience Arctic Tundra.  Nearby is Abisko National Park offering clear sky patch and the surroundings make it an ideal place for Aurora sighting. It ensures your Aurora Borealis trip is successful. An half hours drive is the Jukkasjarvi village that houses the first ice hotel of this country. You can go for a night flight tour from here and enjoy the lights or boldly go for a sledge husky-pulled ride through the winter spectacular landscape.

Even 2 hours from Kiruna, is the Porjus village, where you can gaze the skies as they come lighting with neon colors sitting by the frozen lake.

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