Adventure of A Road Trip!

A good road trip is something everyone should experience at least a few times in life. Nothing beats the sense of adventure that comes from getting a group of friends together into a Honda car and driving off into the sunset (or grey, rainy horizon if you live in the USA). Road trips are a brilliant way to experience the countryside while not being restricted by train or bus routes. Having your own car means that you can drive down any roads you want and stop for breaks whenever you want. They’re also a great means of travel when trying to reach a certain destination, like a wedding or music festival.

It may seem obvious but no road trip is complete without a car. If you do not have a car then you can rent one or just make the jump and buy one since owning a car is awesome. Even if your car is brand new it can be worth conducting a routine safety check to ensure that everything is in working order. There’s nothing worse than breaking down in the middle of nowhere and having to wait ages for an auto repair service. Also be sure to check your car’s fluid levels, change the oil and check the pressure of your tires. Cleaning the car’s interior is optional but, if you have friends like mine, you can expect the car to be filled with all sorts of rubbish and accessories after a few days on the road.

You can find easy to use online route planners on the AAA website, however it definitely pays to have a map with you during the journey. This will allow you to double check your chosen routes and let you to veer off course onto any picturesque trails while still knowing where exactly you are. When assembling your driving crew you must keep in mind that a maximum of five people will fit into a standard car. If there are more of you then you may need to use an additional car or a larger vehicle like a 2017 toyota tacoma. Keep in mind that your car will be your home for the next few days and that you will never have been in closer proximity to your friends than during this time. It will definitely help if you get on famously with your friends and that there are no ‘wildcards’ within the group. Your journey will be made a lot easier if more than one person has a driving licence and is eligible to drive on the car’s insurance policy. This way you can take it in turns while the rest of the group rests. Finally, remember to create a great driving playlist as listening to music is one of the best aspects of the road trip. The combination of music, friends and driving along winding country roads is simply unbeatable.

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