8 Remote Locations for a Peaceful Vacation in 2021

This world is beautiful and it is full of special places. Finding the top tourist’s destinations is no longer difficult. However, some people prefer visiting remote locations rather than visiting the crowded places. Coupon.ae asks these tourists to redeem Qatar Airways promo code and finalize travel arrangements. Start saving money in each of the vacation plan. For example, book cheap and affordable flight tickets with Qatar Airways while enjoying the top facilities onboard. Here is the list of remote locations you must visit for at least once in your life.

South Island, New Zealand:

This presents majestic landscapes and lakes. This is a remote location with full of wild beauty. Couples who love spending time in privacy should choose South Island in this country. These islands are ideal options to have love and romance in complete privacy.

Bora Bora:

It is true that visiting this island is very expensive. Coupon.ae offers Qatar Airways promo code on the travel arrangements. Book your favorite flights and seats with more cargo limit to enjoy travel. Bora Bora is one of the unique places with crystal clear water and lush green environment.

Glacier National Park:

This is a snow-occupied place that is among the top options to enjoy the remote destinations. Nowadays, Glacier National Park has become an attractive spot for people who prefer staying remote rather than taking risk of covid-19 infection in the populist areas.


This is a favorite remote destination for people who like taking double advantages in a single trip. Whether you start from Hana or from Haleakala National Park, you will definitely visit Maui. This remote destination offers best of tropical environment. Visit Maui and take the special chance to see Hawaiian culture especially the specialties such as Mahimahi, Poke and Poi.


A flight from Qatar to France takes several hours but you will forget the difficulties of travel after witnessing natural beauty of Tahiti. This island is largest in the list of French Polynesia. Couples dreaming of a romantic and energetic vacation should select this island. There are special beaches such as Tahiti Black Sand Beaches. This is a prime surfing and snorkeling destination in this area. Tourists can also find five-star hotels and resorts in this island with special cruise tours.


This is a beautiful island in Sothern Thailand. It offers a special travel and vacation environment for budget-minded tourists. We suggest redeeming Qatar Airways promo code on tickets, seats and cargo bookings. Visit Phuket to enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches and heavenly environment. Don’t forget to see the covid-19 updates especially vaccination status before visiting this popular place.


This is the city of beautiful beaches and serene temples. Bali is Indonesian Paradise. The best time to visit Bali is from April to Mid-October. Besides beautiful beaches, Bali has several other hotspots such as Kintamani and different lakes.

Grand Canyon:

Grand Canyon is an ideal outdoor entertainment spot. It is famous for Arizona landscape. Enjoy the dramatic scene by using helicopter tours. Feel the peace and calm in this area while grabbing hands of your beloved ones.

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